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James C. Whittaker MBA, CLU
Principal Employee Benefits
Jim, a founder of and Principal with Cynergy Group, LLC lives in Hammonton, NJ with his wife Rosemarie, together they have four children and four grandchildren.

Jim has spent his entire professional career designing, communicating and administering a wide portfolio of custom benefit programs.

Jim believes that each client has a unique set of requirements, goals and objectives and avoids a “one size for all” approach when designing a custom insurance program.

Jim and his Cynergy Group colleagues enjoy working closely with a diverse clientele collaboratively developing creative solutions using innovative technology and insurance marketplace clout for all of the clients insurance needs.

Employee Benefits
Bill, and, his wife, Dotty, have 2 children, and, 6 grandchildren. Bill is the newest member to the Cynergy Group team.

Having spent most of his career in small and medium size employer group insurance brokerage, Bill prides himself in having created long lasting, professional relationships, which, as a consequence, evolved into professional friendships. Clients benefit from your value-added service, he says, which allows for on-going communication and contact.

“You have to be a person your client likes and can depend on,” Bill says, acknowledging the fact that he has retained most of his clients over the past 25 years!

“Our work has become complicated by ever changing rules & regulations, and, from the employer’s perspective, is burdensome, especially in these economic times. We can help by providing our clients with the best tools and products available.”

Cynergy Group people have the talent, knowledge and resources, to which Bill feels is necessary to stay viable in this business.




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