Welcome to the first issue of the new Cynergy Group Updates newsletter! We’re taking this opportunity to reintroduce Cynergy and tell our current and former clients, our associates, and those who have considered our products and services over the years, what we’ve been up to lately.

While many were happy to bid good riddance to 2010, last year marked many milestones for Cynergy that make it memorable. We can think of no better way to re-introduce ourselves than to share those milestones with you.

We were excited to hire a Marketing Director to help push Cynergy forward while developing web site applications that will help our clients keep up to date, easily access us and continue to move forward with Cynergy.

Cynergy has joined forces with very prestigious and trusted businesses in the area, creating strong strategic partnerships that will allow us to offer even more services to our clients. Our goal, in addition to helping you protect your assets and make health benefit decisions, is to assist our clients in growing their business, these innovative relationships will help us to do just that, allowing you, the business owner, to focus on more important things.

In the last 3 months, we have grown by leaps and bounds providing our future and existing clients impeccable service with the hiring of even more customer service representatives.

Cynergy has also launched our BRAND NEW web site, it will continue to grow along with us and you will be updated of any improvements that will assist you in maintaining your insurance programs. Please take a moment to visit, you will find information that is invaluable to your business. www.cynergygroup.net

While we’ve used this inaugural issue to re-introduce ourselves, future issues of Cynergy Group Updates will include commentary, company and product highlights, and industry topics of interest to our readers. We hope to make it a lighthearted, but information-packed read. We hope you enjoy this issue, and that you’ll opt to remain on our mailing list.

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